Florida’s Jordan Reed takes vicious hits, but holds on to the ball

Jordan Reed's catch late in the second quarter against Kentucky wasn't all that impressive, but the fact that he held onto the ball after what followed the catch is downright amazing.

Reed, streaking down the middle of the field, caught a pass from quarterback Jeff Driskel, and as he brought the ball in and tried to turn, two Kentucky defenders simultaneously hit him. The hit was so violent that Reed's helmet went flying four yards in the opposite direction.

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But Reed held on to the ball. And he popped back up as if the hit didn't faze him, which is amazing, because it was one of the more violent hits we've seen so far this season. Watch the video, you can feel it at home. It looks like a helmet-to-helmet-to-helmet hit as the two defenders sandwich Reed's head with their heads.

Safety Mikie Benton was flagged for targeting, but either one of those defenders -- or both -- could have been penalized. There's no doubt the SEC will look at the film and determine whether one or both players will receive a suspension. The SEC already has suspended two players this season for similar hits.

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