Florida International player reportedly tweets about taking recruit to a strip club

Taking recruits to a strip club probably isn’t all that uncommon, but tweeting about the exploits while in the strip club is.

And it’s just stupid.

That’s why when Florida International defensive back Demarkus Perkins started using social networking to give his own personal play-by-play of a night with an unnamed recruit, the account was immediately shut down and the FIU fanbase collectively shook their heads in disgust and disbelief.

There are several things wrong with Perkins tweets, which were screenshotted by the Miami Herald before the account was deleted. Of course the most obvious is that you don’t tweet from a strip club. Seriously, this is a no-brainer. We’ve all seen those Vegas tourism commercials where the one person gets blackballed by her friends because she was posting photos of them doing Vegas-like things on social networking. Same thing. Don’t be that guy.

Next, the NCAA will now be investigating this whole recruiting trip and probably all of FIU's recruiting practices.

Normally, a group of guys can take a recruit to a strip club or parties with scantily clad young ladies and go relatively unnoticed. But once you put it out for the world to see, the NCAA, which desperately needs to show it still has some sort of clout in the Miami area, will start nosing around. Going to strip club isn’t necessarily the problem, but the money spent, how the recruit got there, etc., will probably get FIU flagged.

I mean, aren't there enough places in the Miami area to see hot, half-naked women that you don't need to go to a strip club? How about the mall? The beach? McDonalds?

So, well done Mr. Perkins and defensive tackle Isame Faciane, who was also on the Twitter chain. I’m sure you both have already endeared yourself to new coach Ron Turner and the rest of the staff.

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