Florida’s Dominique Easley details his knee recovery in online diary as he works toward NFL draft

Dr. Saturday

When Florida senior defensive tackle Dominique Easley suffered a season-ending knee injury after a non-contact injury in September, he immediately set his sights on recovery in anticipation for the 2014 NFL draft.

After an ACL and meniscus tear, NFL teams will have concerns about the health of Easley’s knee, but Easley has teamed up with Fox Sports to detail his recovery in an online diary. Easley must massage his knee every day himself when he wakes up, grabs some fruit for breakfast and heads off to rehab. He stretches, warms up on the exercise bike then does a variety of leg workouts to gradually get his strength back.

Easley has included video of part of his workout in the diary as well as a video of the compression sleeve he puts on his leg to reduce post-workout swelling.

Since Easley had his surgery only a few months ago, it is unknown how much he will be able to participate in Florida’s pro day and the NFL Scouting Combine, but this is definitely a unique way to give teams with an interest in Easley a look at the work he is putting in to get his health back.

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