Florida coach Will Muschamp injures hand after hitting a chalkboard

Graham Watson

No team has been hit with injuries harder than Florida and now coach Will Muschamp can add his name to the list.

During halftime of Saturday’s 19-14 loss to South Carolina, Muschamp apparently got a little physical with some objects in the Florida locker room.

“I hit a chalkboard,” Muschamp said after the game. “Dumb.”

Muschamp came to the press conference with bandages across two fingers and a cut on another on his right hand. From the looks of it, the chalkboard won. Sadly, several players said they didn’t see the incident, which, we guess, means the chalkboard fight was either in private or for the benefit of the other coaches.

Not-so-shockingly, this isn’t the first time Muschamp has had an altercation with a drawing board. He got into it with a whiteboard while at Texas.

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