Florida assistant coach Tim Davis refers to Nick Saban as ‘the devil himself’

Perhaps it’s the fact that his name is only one letter off — or perhaps it’s his warm and friendly demeanor — but SEC coaches have a nasty habit of referring to Alabama coach Nick Saban as the devil.

Florida offensive line coach Tim Davis was speaking at a booster club function when he referred to Saban as “the devil himself.”

"I've always wanted to work with Will," Davis said. "Will's got a plan. Will coached under the devil himself for seven years. I only did three. He did seven. And his DNA is not any different than Nick."

Davis also attacked Saban’s lack of personality and said he prefers Muschamp’s coaching style.

"[Muschamp]'s like the other guy, only he's got a personality," Davis said. "He'll smile at you. He'll talk to you. You understand? That's what he's all about. That's Will. I'm proud to work for him."

Earlier this year, Vanderbilt coach James Franklin referred to Saban as “Nicky Satan” when speaking at a high school. He later apologized for the comment.

Poor Nick Saban. It’s hard to be confused with the devil unless, of course, you are the devil, then your cover has totally been blown.

Remember that terrible Adam Sandler movie “Little Nicky” that came out in 2000? Maybe that was the unofficial biography of Saban’s younger years. I mean, the guy’s name was Nick.

Or perhaps opposing coaches are just jealous of Saban ability to consistently win. It’s been a long time since Alabama underachieved (playing Colorado in the Independence Bowl in 2007), and maybe name-calling is the only retort.

If I’m Saban, I don’t mind being called the devil. It means people fear you... Or enjoy mocking your questionable personality.

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