Five bowl games we wish we could have seen

This year's bowl season has left a lot to be desired. While the championship game is right, there are a lot of teams that got left out of key bowls or were put in poor matchups. There's nothing we can do about it now, but we can lament about the five games we wish we could have seen:

Texas vs. Texas A&M
As the season progressed, it appeared as though these teams were on a collision course for the Cotton Bowl, but it was not to be. At first, many thought the Capital One Bowl would step in and take A&M before the Cotton Bowl got a chance. Then, many speculated that politics might play a role in Texas and Texas A&M not meeting. But what happened was that Texas wasn't good enough to play in the Cotton Bowl following the Longhorns' loss to Kansas State.

Expansion has ruined so many great rivalries and many were hoping this game would come to fruition so fans still in favor of the rivalry would still get a chance for braggin' rights. Even though it didn't happen, it's good to know it's a possibility in the future.

Oregon vs. Baylor
Forget the records, this game would have been pure entertainment for those of us that want to see a lot of offense. Both of these teams are multiple, know how to put up points quickly and play very little defense. The prospect of having at least one of these teams score into the 80s is almost too good to pass up. And, who wouldn't want to see Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk play against his former team? If these two teams played, it would probably draw as much interest as the national championship game.

Louisiana Tech vs. Anyone
The biggest travesty this bowl season is that Louisiana Tech, a 9-3 team with the nation's best offense, is sitting out of the bowl season. And it only has itself to blame. From multiple reports, Tech turned down an opportunity to play ULM in the Independence Bowl because it was hoping for a better offer. That offer never came and Louisiana Tech never went back to the Independence Bowl.

It's easy to blame the WAC's bowl situation — only one spot for the conference champion — for Louisiana Tech's lot, but Tech had the opportunity to play Louisiana-Monroe in a bowl that would have generated a lot of local interest. Unfortunately, administration didn't see it that way and the players are the ones who suffer.

Georgia vs. Oklahoma
This should have been the Sugar Bowl matchup. No offense to Florida — or even Northern Illinois by extension — but this was the best matchup for that bowl and the one everyone wanted to see.

It's unfortunate that neither of these teams went to a BCS bowl. It wasn't because of their play on the field, but the rules that govern the BCS bowls. This is by far a better matchup than Florida-Louisville or Florida State-Northern Illinois, but one we're unfortunately not going to get to see.

Ohio State vs. Stanford
Ohio State could have been in the national championship conversation as the only other undefeated team next to Notre Dame. But NCAA sanctions kept the Buckeyes out of the postseason and in turn kept the public from seeing a good bowl game. It's unfortunate that Ohio State doesn't get to play in a bowl game, but even more unfortunate that it's Big Ten replacement in the Rose Bowl has five losses this year.

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