Film Study: A two-tip interception for a 35-yard touchdown

Mercer’s Alex Avant had one of the most athletic and interesting interception returns for a touchdown this past weekend in a 31-17 win over Drake.

Avant grabbed a ball that was tipped twice and ran it back 35 yards, but, as you will see by the video, it was more like 70 yards.

Here’s a breakdown of the pick:

The initial pass by Drake quarterback Andy Rice is tipped at the line of scrimmage.

The ball is tipped against and appears to be destined for the ground and an incomplete pass. But that's when Avant swoops in and catches the ball on the run.

Avant begins by running left, but sees a defenders has blocked his path. So...

He runs right and runs right into a swarming group of Drake defenders. That's when the play should have been over. Even Avant thought so: "I caught it and then I went left and then remembered I was probably about to just go out of bounds..."

Lucky for us, he didn't go out of bounds and broke that so-called contain.

One Drake defender has a shot him at about the 23-yard-line, but whiffs. Added Avant: "I was like I might as well go ahead and try to score." That left one defender, who seemingly has the angle to keep Avant out of the end zone.

Apparently, that defender is the slowest player on the field because Avant basically walks in for the score. "I guess somehow I ended up in the end zone," Avant said.

For his efforts, Avant was named the Pioneer Football League Defensive Player of the Week - he also had four tackles, seven assisted tackles and another interception in the win.

One little fun fact: Mercer had suspended its football program for the past 70 years before starting it up this season. It's currently 4-0.

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