Favre’s broadcasting debut featured ‘a lot of grunts and groans’

Brett Favre might not want to quit his day job — whatever that is these days.

On Saturday, the three-time NFL MVP and former Southern Miss record-setting quarterback, made his broadcasting debut as the color analyst for the Southern Miss-Rice game and, according to reports, it was a little choppy.

Credit Favre, he notes his nervousness in the open as he tries to get through questions asked by broadcasting partner Mike Morgan, and he looks the part. There are some awkward pauses as he tries to think of what to say and some poor grammar - "... running the spread offense as much of the teams in this conference do."

Unfortunately, there's no video from the rest of the broadcast, but Rick Limpert, a fan who was watching the game, tweeted out some great Favreism gems, and for that, we thank him.

• More Favreisms from his commentary doing the Southern Miss/Rice game: "The good teams are good at what they do."

Favre right before a Rice throw in the end zone: "I wouldn't be surprised if they run it."

Favre after the Rice Owls turn the ball over on downs while driving in the fourth quarter: "[complete silence]."

Favre on the high school football talent in Mississippi: "I'll tell you...I can't begin to tell you."

Favre on the key to a good defense: "You have to have a good nickel back."

Favre did receive a favorable review by the Hattiesburg American, which appreciated his use of football terms and his ability to point out things only a quarterback could. But the paper also noted that Favre used the word "we" a lot.

Favre hasn't failed at a lot of things in life, but this experiment should be one of those things he tells people he tried -- like skydiving or rocky mountain oysters. Even though Favre flopped, he's still Southern Miss' favorite son, but from here on out, Favre's television exploits should be limited to Wrangler commercials.

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Curtsy (female version of a hat tip) to Awful Announcing and Rick Limpert

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