Our favorite college football “jumps,” to honor late Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly

Like Big League Stew mentioned before, the news of the death of Chris Kelly from the 1990s rap group Kris Kross was tough to hear.

"Warm It Up," "I Missed the Bus," "I'm Real," we fondly remember all of those songs from back in the day. It was stunning and sad to hear Kelly had passed away at such a young age.

Since BLS dealt with Kris Kross' impact in the sports apparel field, we felt the best way to honor Kelly is to apply their biggest hit, "Jump," to the college football world.

Here are some of our favorite "jumps" from college football in recent memory, because Ortege Jenkins'll make ya ...

Sam Bradford against Oklahoma State, about the only time we can remember a guy getting flipped over out of bounds became a legitimate Heisman moment:

Here are some of our favorite hurdles, starting with Oklahoma's Trey Millard:

And Le'Veon Bell:

And Chase Coffman:

The LaVar Leap ... all these years later it's still unbelievable:

Vince Young's pump fake will make ya ...

Former Wyoming safety John Wendling with a ridiculous athletic feat; they used to show this at Cowboys' home games:

This Ortege Jenkins touchdown doesn't get enough respect. It's one of the great all-time plays:

A different 1990s rap song, but we had to:

R.I.P. to Chris Kelly.

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