Father of Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase arrested during Michigan State game

The father of Illinois quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase was arrested during the Illini’s 42-3 loss to Michigan State.

Nathan Creer was slapped with a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest after being one of 10 people involved in an altercation involving fans of both schools. According to the Chicago Tribune, the fight started when one fan bumped into another. Creer was one of many in the group that appeared intoxicated.

After officers broke up the altercation, they removed Creer from the stands, [Illinois police captain Roy] Acree said, and took him under the bleachers to obtain his information and question him about the incident.

At one point, an officer had grabbed Creer around the arm and Creer pulled away. That prompted the arrest, Acree said.

"If he would’ve just gone along with the program, gave us the information that we needed and cooperated with the officers we would’ve probably just removed him from the stadium," Acree said. "But it didn’t work out that way."

Creer, who was on probation after being charged with criminal trespassing in January, was released on a $150 bond. He is due in court on Monday.

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