Fan leaves voicemail for Oregon athletics website ripping the Ducks pink helmets and shoes (Audio)

Last week, we championed Oregon for wearing pink helmets, gloves and cleats against Washington State in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The school also auctioned off several of those helmets with all the proceeds going to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

However, one Oregon fan wasn’t a supporter of the wardrobe change.

The unnamed caller left a voicemail Friday for Rob Moseley, the editor of the school’s athletics website,, and Register-Guard beat writer Steve Mims, saying there was no place for pink in college football.

Lucky for us, Moseley recorded the voicemail and put it on Twitter for all to enjoy.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes:

— “Now they’re going to politicize and feminize the game of football?” the caller asks. “I mean, it’s so stupid, Rob. We watch the Saturday games to get away from that crap, sir. Seriously, we do. It’s an escape for all that political and all that feminization and all that crap that we're fed all week long. That’s the reason we watch the game of football. And now they’re bringing it into the game of college football.”

— “I’m sure that most of those kids, if they’re normal males on that football team, they probably resent having to wear pink helmets and pink shoes,” the caller said. “There’s no place in football for that.”

— “Of course this came out of Oregon, the liberal capital of the United States next to San Francisco,” he said. “It’s a shame that now they’re doing this to college football. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I watch the Oregon Ducks play Washington State this weekend wearing their pink helmets and their pink shoes. So disgusting, You shouldn’t do that to the kids.”

I didn’t realize that Breast Cancer Awareness was a political thing and I’m sure players such as Oregon wide receiver Josh Huff, whose grandmother died of breast cancer and whose girlfriend beat the disease, were really upset about having to support the cause.

Wearing pink isn’t about being feminine or liberal or whatever. It’s about supporting the quest to cure a disease that has probably had some effect on everyone. This guy missed that point completely.

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