Ex-Vanderbilt player admits to stabbing fellow former Commodores player during a fight

Nothing warms the heart like two football players from the same school getting together to talk about old times, at least until a fight starts and one stabs the other with a pocket knife.

Last month, according to a police report obtained by the Tennessean, then-Vanderbilt receiver Jacquese Kirk stabbed former Vanderbilt player Justin Cabbagestalk at a Nashville bar on April 7. News broke a week ago that Kirk was transferring, and now we know why.

No charges will be pressed and the case is considered closed because Cabbagestalk “wanted to let the matter die” and “would not assist in prosecution," the Tennessean said, referring to the police report. He suffered only minor injuries.

The trouble on April 7 started when Cabbagestalk, who the Tennessean said last played in 2010 (Kirk's first season with Vanderbilt was 2011), saw Kirk at The Tin Roof bar in Nashville.

According to the report, Kirk told police he saw Cabbagestalk, who made hand gestures at him across the bar. Cabbagestalk asked him to step around the corner to talk. Kirk claims Cabbagestalk hit or pushed him in the head after he declined, and the Tennessean explained what happened next:

According to the report, Kirk said he pulled out “a little pocket knife, stabbed the victim, closed the knife and put it back in his pocket and then began hitting the victim.”

The amazing part of this story isn't that two Vanderbilt players were fighting and stabbing at a bar, it's that the Tennessean said Cabbagestalk was walking home 10 minutes later when he first realized he'd been stabbed. Most people probably realize they've been stabbed and have a "small puncture wound on their intestines" when it happens, but to each their own.

The Tennessean points out that Kirk's Twitter account said he has already signed up to transfer to Jacksonville State. Hopefully there are no former Gamecocks players he has a beef with.

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