ESPN to offer different angles on the BCS Championship Game on its other channels

Dr. Saturday

The BCS Championship Game presented by Vizio will be broadcast on ESPN Monday, Jan. 6. But you can catch the game on ESPN2 and other platforms as well.

The traditional game broadcast between Auburn and Florida State will feature Brent Musberger, Kirk Herbstreit and what you've become accustomed to in watching a game on ESPN or ABC. As part of ESPN's "MegaCast," ESPN2 will have a show called "BCS Title Talk" that features ESPN analysts and other personalities discussing the game as it happens at the Rose Bowl.

ESPNEWS will have "BCS Film Room," a show with multiple camera angles and play dissections while ESPN Classic will have a broadcast with just the noise you hear at the stadium, including the fans and the PA announcer.

And on ESPN3, the network's online channel, fans will be able to watch the game with either of Auburn or Florida State's radio announcers as well as channels with live fan reactions from watch parties on each campus. There will also be a channel on ESPN3 dedicated to the overhead cam at the game as well. (If we have a mishap like at the Insight Bowl in 2011 it'll make for entertaining viewing.)

It's an approach similar to the one that Turner Sports and CBS are taking for the 2014 Final Four. Earlier this fall the networks announced that in addition to the main game broadcast on TBS, team-specific broadcasts will be available on TNT and TruTV.

Any of the alternatives look like fun to watch instead of the traditional broadcast? We're interested in checking out the Film Room channel.

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