ESPN goofed on Mark Dantonio's name on SportsCenter (Photo)

Dr. Saturday

Mike D'Antoni was most recently the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Mark Dantonio is the coach of the Michigan State Spartans.

The names are similar enough. Mike, Mark. D'Antoni, Dantonio. So we understand any possible confusion amongst those who don't pay attention to sports regularly. However, ESPN got the two mixed up Wednesday afternoon. Whoops.

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Isn't that a perfect screenshot? Not only is Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh shirtless, but D'Antonio looks like he's just realized his name is misspelled.

Dantonio was at ESPN's headquarters to make the rounds on the outlet's shows Wednesday afternoon. According to the Detroit Free-Press, he made his own arrangements for the publicity because the Big Ten didn't send all of the conference coaches to Bristol, Connecticut. Perhaps the mixup stings a bit more given the circumstances.

It seems he otherwise had a good time, as Michigan State's account posted a picture of him looking happy on the College Football Live set.

Dantonio likes to look to outside sources as motivation for his football team and we have an idea for him. After his team makes a statement win this season on ESPN, he needs to refer to himself as Mike D'Antoni in the postgame on-field interview. It may not make sense without this context, but it would be oh so funny.

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