ESPN’s David Pollack not a fan of women on the College Football Playoff selection committee (video)

Dr. Saturday

Condoleezza Rice's expected appointment to the selection committee for the impending College Football Playoff isn't a good idea, according to ESPN's David Pollack. And it has nothing to do with her football knowledge, but rather the fact that she's a woman.

On ESPN's College Gameday Saturday morning, Pollack said that he wanted people on the committee who were familiar with and had played football. When Chris Fowler asked if he meant that he didn't want women on the committee, Pollack shrugged in agreement.

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Yes, it wasn't a direct statement against women, but the sentiment was there. ESPN colleague Samantha Ponder had a fantastic response to Pollack's argument on Twitter.

Rice is a huge football fan and has stated that she'd love to be NFL commissioner. Her football credentials are very strong, and she's a great fit for the committee. If Rice was a man, would we be questioning a Stanford grad and former secretary of state's credentials? We all know the answer to that question.

UPDATE: Pollack responded after the show on Twitter.

He should have said that on the show. Instead, he didn't. And how does he know the depth of Rice's football knowledge anyway?

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