Eastern Washington's Tevin McDonald hits QB and makes interception in same play (Video)

It's way too easy to say that Eastern Washington DB Tevin McDonald made the play of the season on Saturday against Sam Houston State. The FCS season consists of just this game. So we'll go with the play of the game.

McDonald, a senior defensive back, came on the blitz late in the third quarter. He hit the arm of Sam Houston State QB Jared Johnson as Johnson went to pass and the ball fluttered into the air.

McDonald didn't give up on the play and after the ball bounced off a lineman and he caught it before being enveloped in a scrum.

It was an incredible display of hustle an awareness. Not only did McDonald not quit after hitting Johnson's arm, he had the awareness to try to find the ball and it fell right to him. The turnover led to a score that put Eastern Washington up 14 on SHSU.

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