Eastern Michigan's concrete wall intro will happen every home game (GIF)

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Eastern Michigan players try to knock down a wall

EMU Wall

Eastern Michigan players try to knock down a wall

Eastern Michigan has plans to smash another concrete wall.

Last weekend, the Internet got a hearty laugh as Eastern Michigan players used sledgehammers to break down a concrete wall that created a barrier between the players tunnel and the field. The video of players trying to knock down the wall took nearly 20 seconds, probably expended a little bit of pregame energy and provided high entertainment for all who watched.

Despite the criticism, coach Chris Creighton said the concrete wall intro isn’t going anywhere.

"We have every intention of keeping it going, until someone higher up than me tells me otherwise," Creighton told fans at his weekly luncheon on Wednesday.

"It is easy to be negative, I understand that, but I'll will tell you the concrete was real. It wasn't supposed to be easy. It was well built."

Sadly, Eastern Michigan doesn’t play another home game until it hosts Buffalo on Oct. 11, but Creighton assures that the wall will be there waiting — as will the 8,000 fans in attendance.

In case you’re wondering why Creighton is so hell bent on keeping this concrete wall, he said it has to do tenets he’s put together for his team this season. He even turned the Eagles’ field concrete gray to drive home the message.

"The wrench, the field, the concrete wall, we know people will have comments, but they all have real meaning for us," Creighton said. "It all goes back to the idea of investing, and working for something. It is about putting on those steel-toed boots, and going to work."

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