Eastern Michigan’s Ron English will jump out of a plane with you if you’ll help pay for new bathrooms

Eastern Michigan coach Ron English needs $60,000 to renovate the bathrooms in his team’s locker room, and he’s willing to fall out of a plane with you to get it.

Eastern Michigan has started a campaign called “#TimetoFly” to help renovate player’s and coaches’ locker rooms and bathrooms, player’s lounge, equipment room, weight room and team building and training room.

While Eastern Michigan is offering a host of football-related opportunities for people who make donations, including listening to a pregame speech and running out of the tunnel with the team, jumping out of a plane with English appears to be the most lucrative.

“For three people, for a $5,000 price, we would ride down there, we’d meet in my office, we’d talk a little bit of football, watch a little bit of videotape, then we’d drive down there for about an hour, hour and a half, we’d go through the training together and then we’d fly up in that airplane and jump out,” English says in the promotional video on the team’s website. “If you’ve never skydived before, you’ll love it.”

English speaks from experience. A couple years ago, he went skydiving with the U.S. Army Golden Knights. As an aside, Eastern Michigan confirms that that is not Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez in tandem with English; just a member of the Golden Knights staff, who happens to bear a similar resemblance.

Now, imagine yourself strapped to Ron English for a 5-minute fall.

So, if you’re willing to put your life in English’s hands and you’re eager to get rid of $5,000, this might be the perfect opportunity for a Sunday afternoon.

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