The early play of the year in college football is this behind-the-back intramural TD pass

Dr. Saturday

The most impressive play from a football game on a college campus so far this season didn't happen in front of 100,000 fans or on national TV, but on the nondescript intramural fields of Purdue University.

This behind-the-back pass is so long and accurate, you have to wonder if it's fake, like the old Powerade commercial of Michael Vick throwing the ball out of the stadium. If it is real, however, it is one of the best behind-the-back passes we can remember seeing, right there with this high school two-point conversion from a few years ago.

The YouTube video description says it is a 30-yard pass. The quarterback of this flag football team -- the Sour Lemons is the team name, from the video info -- spins clockwise, like a reverse discus throw, and releases the ball. It's a perfect strike to his receiver in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.

If there's a better pass of this kind out there, we'd love to see it.

If this throw is legit, and if this quarterback can throw it as effectively with a regular motion as he can behind the back, maybe Purdue needs to dispatch an assistant coach to the intramural fields to see if he'll try out for the varsity.

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