Seemingly intoxicated Alabama fan hurls herself at an Oklahoma fan in a fit of liquid courage (Video)

Alabama fans have had a tough past month.

First it was the unbelievable loss to Auburn, which essentially knocked the Tide out of the national championship picture, and then Thursday’s night’s shocking loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

It was that loss to the Sooners that apparently sent one Alabama fan over the edge.

This super drunk woman in the houndstooth jacket (does every female Bama fan own one of these blazers?) got into a little spat with a few Oklahoma fans and decided to launch herself at them. While the idea wasn’t great, you have to admire her execution. She gets some good air over the seats and lands right in the middle of the group. She actually had a higher chance of hurting herself more than any of the Oklahoma students she tried to attack.

She was promptly escorted away by Superdome security.

Who knows what prompted this surge of liquid courage, but it sure made for a great laugh.

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Graham Watson

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