Dr. Saturday’s 2014 National Signing Day All-Name Team is led by Lion King Conaway

Did you know the "Lion King" movie is almost 20 years old?

The Disney classic came out in June 1994, and most players signing National Letters of Intent on Wednesday's 2014 National Signing Day were born in 1995 or 1996. So when you tack on nine months, you can see how we'd have a member of the Class of 2014 named after the movie. No, not a character in the movie, but the title of the movie.

The player would be Lion King Conaway, a recruit from Southfield, Mich.. Conaway signed with Eastern Michigan on Wednesday and subsequently dropped his last name.

Even without the name change, Lion King would be the leader of our 2014 All-Name Team. With it, he's the captain, All-American and designated team spokesperson. Will he have just his new last name or his entire name on his jersey in the fall? We'll find out, but if the jacket he was wearing Wednesday is any indication, it will be his full name.

Here's the rest of our 2014 All-Name team. We eagerly await our 2028 team led by Wall.E Jones.

First Team:
Lion King Conaway, DE, Eastern Michigan
Olajuwon Tucker, DE, USC - Given that Hakeem switched from soccer to basketball, it's fitting Olajuwon isn't playing basketball, right?
Speedy Noil, WR, Texas A&M - Noil is getting Johnny Manziel's No. 2 in 2014
Damien Mama, OL, USC - The OL Mama jokes write themselves
Squally Canada, RB, Washington State - Canada, if you're looking for an Air Force nickname, look no further
Michael Santamaria, K, Virginia Tech - Imagine the "Columbus got lost" remarks after a missed kick
D'Haquille Williams, WR, Auburn - Much like Lion King, it makes sense that we're seeing Shaquille variations now.
Budda Baker, DB, Washington - This shirt must be a staple of his clothing rotation.