Don’t be afraid to stare into this Tennessee fan’s glass eye

Dr. Saturday

Apparently, this is the week to expose Tennessee fans and all of their eccentricities.

Thursday, a Tennessee fan won the "Best Facial Hair Ever" award by shaving his facial hair into the Tennessee logo and Friday Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage (and emailer Doug) bring us another Tennessee fan who has made his fanaticism a fixture on his body — or should we say his eye socket.

Yep, look closely folks, that is a glass eye with the "Power T" on it.

Don't look away. Stare into it; be mesmerized by it. Let it transport you to a place of Tyler Bray back tattoos and Derek Dooley orange pants.

You know, I was thinking the other day that Dr. Saturday doesn't do enough on the glass eye college football culture. I know this Tennessee fan is not alone. Email us your glass eye photos (email button is on the right) and we will compile and choose a favorite. We've done tattoos and facial hair, but now it's time to bring glass eyes out of the dark and let the world see them for their beauty. I know, there were all sort of puns in that last sentence.

H/T to Outkick the Coverage

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