Does it bother you that North Carolina hasn't named a starting quarterback?

Does it bother you that North Carolina hasn't named a starting quarterback?
Does it bother you that North Carolina hasn't named a starting quarterback?

North Carolina coach Larry Fedora is trolling us. Are you letting it affect you?

On Monday, Fedora was asked about his team's starting quarterback for the season-opener against Liberty on Saturday. If he's made a decision between Marquise Williams and Mitch Trubisky, he certainly doesn't want anyone to know. Why would that be?

"Because it bothers a lot of people, and that would probably be the number one reason," Fedora cracked via "Everybody wants to ask about it and it just gives me pleasure, just gives me pleasure."

Unfortunately Fedora did not rub his hands together like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons after he said that.

While you could get annoyed with Fedora saying what he did about his quarterback derby, there is a shred of truth to what he's saying. There's nothing that can become a debate quicker than when a coach doesn't announce his starting quarterback.

If Fedora has (or hasn't) made a decision on his starter, he even said he's more concerned about other positions on his team's depth chart than quarterback. When he was asked if neither illiams or Trubisky had seized the position, Fedora replied "Yeah, you can say that if you want."

Naturally, he was asked if he was concerned.

"No, No, I'm not concerned. I've said all the way back in the spring that we've got two guys that we can win with," Fedora said.

"And so, it's really not a position I'm deeply concerned about. I've got a lot more concerns at other positions than I do at that position. In fact, if we can get to a point - and we will get to a point - where we have that type of competition at every position on this football team. And when we do, we're going to be a really good football team, and we're going to reach the goals that we all have."

Let's be real. Fedora's abs could play quarterback for North Carolina on Saturday and the Tar Heels would still be favored. It's why he's not publicly worried at the moment. If his team was 1-3 in the ACC and he didn't have a clear-cut choice at QB, it's a situation bothering Fedora as much as anyone else.

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