Doc Five: Teams that could break the SEC’s BCS streak – No. 1, Nobody so quit dreaming

Frank Schwab

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Here's the question: If I were to give you all the non-SEC teams to win this year's BCS Championship Game, and we took the SEC, would you take that wager?

If you did that every year, your losing streak would be at seven, and you'd be facing an uphill struggle to keep it from being eight.

There are two very simple factors in play here. The SEC is historically dominant and getting better. You could argue five of the seven most powerful teams in college football last year were from the SEC, and that's not even counting South Carolina, which was somewhere near the top 10. The conference is still getting better. Just look at the recruiting. Ole Miss seems ready to take a step forward. Tennessee can't be this bad forever. Neither can Arkansas or Auburn. The conference is loaded.

And the other factor is who is chasing the SEC. Oregon, Stanford, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Notre Dame ... they're all fine teams. You wouldn't take any of them on a neutral field against Alabama or Texas A&M, and neither would we.

In a one-game situation, anything can happen. Oregon might not win six of 10 games against Alabama, but it could win one. And it's surprising it hasn't happened in the past seven years, but there's always a chance that nobody goes undefeated in the very tough SEC and the conference gets left out of the BCS Championship Game. Had Oregon and Kansas State not tripped up late in the season, that's exactly what would have happened last year.

At this point, it seems the best chance of seeing someone outside of the SEC win the national title is if the SEC doesn't finish in the top two.

The SEC currently has the best offensive player (Johnny Manziel), defensive player (Jadeveon Clowney), coach (Nick Saban) and program (Alabama) in the country. Two games this season will go a long way in determining the national champion: Alabama at Texas A&M on Sept. 14, and the SEC Championship Game. Whoever emerges at the end of that will be a clear favorite to win it all.

There are a faction of fans who think the SEC gets too much credit or hype, but the reality is the SEC is playing a different game than anybody else. Alabama is the clear favorite to win it all. Texas A&M is right there if Alabama slips up. Florida, Georgia and South Carolina could all win just about any other conference in college football, and might win the SEC with the right breaks. It's not all that crazy to think LSU could work its way into the conversation. No other conference's best teams are as good as the SEC's best, and surely no other conference is as deep.

So until we see it happen, the answer to the oft-asked question, "Who will break the SEC's BCS streak?" will remain the same.


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