Doc Five: The most famous girlfriends in college football – No. 4, Olivia Manning

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If Twitter and Brent Musburger had been invented by the late 1960s, Olivia Manning would have been an even bigger deal.

But make no mistake, before she became best known for raising Super Bowl MVPs, Olivia Manning was quite the story.

The tale of her and Archie Manning is fairly movie-esque. She was a part of the Delta Gamma women's fraternity at Ole Miss, in the Alpha Psi chapter. She was a cheerleader. She was the homecoming queen.

And she happened to be dating Archie Manning, who was the quarterback of Ole Miss and a superstar in the South. Basically he was Johnny Manziel, but even bigger. It's true, kids.

In May of 1971, as Archie Manning was graduating from Ole Miss, Olivia Manning didn't go do a celebrity diving show or appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with Cheryl Tiegs, she married Archie. That tied a nice bow around the perfect story.

Archie Manning went on to a NFL career mostly with the sad-sack New Orleans Saints franchise, wasting his mighty talent on some bad teams. Archie and Olivia are better known as parents now, considering Peyton and Eli both became NFL superstars. Olivia was the supportive mother going to all the games her children played, and is also well known in the South for her charitable work.

So that can be a lesson to the younger women on this week's list. Sometimes the most famous girlfriend of a college football era can maintain fame for decades. More than 40 years later, Olivia Manning is the most famous football mother in America.

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