Doc 5: Our Favorite College Football Tips -- No. 5 Gallaudet University

This offseason we will count down various topics from Monday through Friday, bringing you the top five of the important and definitely some not so important issues in college football. It's the Doc Five, every week until we will thankfully have actual games to discuss.



With the tipoff of college basketball’s best time of year quickly approaching, we thought it only fitting to make this week’s Doc Five a list of our favorite tips. Now these are tips like, “Always wear a cup,” “Don’t hit a quarterback at the knees,” and “Always wear shower shoes because athlete’s foot is super gross.” But rather our favorite tipped passes that resulted in amazing plays.

Note this is not an all-encompassing Top 5 list. It was just too difficult to narrow down hundreds, possibly thousands of tipped passes into the best five. Instead, these are five of our favorites or at least one’s we consider memorable.

If you’re a regular reader of Dr. Saturday -- and you should be -- then you know we are big fans of Division III Gallaudet University. Last season, Gallaudet, the nation's premier university for deaf- and hard-of-hearing students, had an undefeated season and earned the first postseason berth for any men’s sport at the university.

But before they officially caught the eye of the national landscape, Gallaudet had one of the greatest interceptions in college football history. And no, that’s not hyperbole.

On Sept. 25, 2010, linebacker Tom Pangia tipped a pass from the Castleton State quarterback Shane Brozowski. The ball appeared to be heading out of bounds before defensive back Tony Tatum leaped in the air and saved it. He tipped it to defensive back Shelby Bean, who, after being a little startled that he now had the ball, returned it six yards.

And the sideline went crazy.

Unfortunately, Gallaudet lost the game 31-28 after Castleton made a game-winning field goal with 11 seconds remaining, but that doesn’t diminish how amazing the play was.

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