Despite loss to Ole Miss, Les Miles still thinks LSU was ‘best and better’

The sting of LSU’s 27-24 loss to Ole Miss has not subsided for coach Les Miles and he couldn’t help but take a shot at the Rebels during his Monday press conference.

“It's hard to admit as the coach of a team that's best and better that they finished second, and I'm doing that today,” Miles said.

While you need a translator to decipher the Les Milesism, it’s clear he thinks his team is better than Ole Miss and that it shouldn’t have lost.

Miles took responsibility for his team’s performance saying he didn’t do enough to prepare his team for the game.

“There's a number of reasons why we don't win that game, but in my opinion it's me,” Miles said. “I did not get it across to them. I made the points, I spoke the words, but I need to teach better. I challenge myself that way.

“One thing about this program and the teams that I've been fortunate to represent, they have all had great confidence and swagger, and they go out and they play within the scheme, within the play that's called with great confidence and with great ability. That's all they needed to do. If they would have done that on Saturday, we'd all be very fortunate.”

Miles also took the blame immediately following the game, saying he did a “piss poor job preparing this football team to play in this game."

The loss dropped LSU out of the top 10 in the national rankings and will make it nearly impossible for the Tigers to compete for a national title championship.

If there’s one saving grace, the Tigers can take out their frustrations on Furman this week.

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