Derek Carr trick shot: Football toss, over the house, can’t see the basket … nothing but net

We're not saying Derek Carr's trick shot beats the stuff we've seen from the Dude Perfect crew or anything, but at least those guys could see the target.

This trick shot by Carr, the Fresno State star quarterback, is really hard to fathom considering he threw it over a house and never even saw the football go in the hoop.

Carr threw a football from the pool area over what appears to be a two-story house, at a basketball hoop. He buried the shot, which sent the cameraman into hysterics (which the local ABC affiliate said was his brother David Carr, who you might remember as the first overall pick of the 2002 NFL draft – and from matching the moustache he's rocking in some recent Instagram photos to the video, it does appear the guy yelling like a wild man is David). The cameraman/David also says as Derek Carr is throwing the ball that it's his first attempt, which if true, makes this insane trick shot even more impressive.

Carr is having a heck of a college career without as much fanfare as it deserves, and it doesn't help that announcers seem to think his name is "David Carr's brother Derek Carr." He threw for 4,104 yards and 37 touchdowns with just seven interceptions for the Bulldogs and the Mountain West player of the year will be back for his senior season.

As this video makes the rounds on the Internet, maybe a few more people will recognize him.

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