Dana Holgorsen has a hand signal for Marshall

West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen never has been one to sugarcoat anything.

The second-year coach usually says what's on his mind — good or bad — which can sometimes be highly entertaining.

Take his two-hour appearance on "Dana Holgorsen Statewide Sportsline" on Thursday where he fielded questions from all over the state about everything from this weekend's game against Marshall to how his hair should be styled.

But his best answer came based off an email question from a fan who had heard Marshall players knew West Virginia's play-calling hand signals and he wanted to know if Holgorsen was concerned.

"I'm just not going to show up to the game now," Holgorsen said deadpan. "They must have it all figured out. We're not even going to show up now."

Later he added, much to the delight of the crowd: "I've got one really good [hand signal] for them," Holgorsen said.

You can listen to the entire two-minute answer above. Holgorsen points out that it's hard to pick up hand signals and what a team thinks it might know, might not be the right play at all.

I guess we'll know Saturday what Marshall knows and what it doesn't. Even if the Thundering Herd do know the hand signals, I'm not sure it's going to help them win the game.

H/T to Patrick Southern for the audio clip

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