Dallas-area judge receives a reprimand for mocking Johnny Manziel’s speeding ticket

Many have commented on Johnny Manziel’s off-field escapades since winning the Heisman Trophy, but only one city judge was publicly reprimanded for it.

Judge Lee Johnson went to Facebook to mock Manziel after the Heisman Trophy winner was given a speeding ticket in Ennis, Texas, a town outside of Dallas. Johnson is a judge in Ennis.

Johnson didn’t use Manziel’s name, but his words left no doubt as to whom he was alluding when he wrote about "a certain unnamed (very) recent Heisman Trophy winner."

According to WFAA-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth, Johnson also wrote: "It appears that even though the OU (Oklahoma) defense couldn't stop him, the Ennis PD is a different story altogether. Gig 'em indeed."

Johnson apparently attempted to apologize to Manziel and Ennis City Manager Steve Howerton issued an apology last Friday.

"Receiving a traffic ticket is not a humorous matter," the statement read. "Further, it is not the policy of the City of Ennis to indiscriminately publish the identity of traffic ticket recipients or to publicly lecture them."

Manziel, who just completed his freshman season, has been the subject of ridicule from everyone from media to fans to assistant coaches and now judges. Last week, A&M athletic director Eric Hyman had a chat with Manziel and his family about the responsibilities that come with being a Heisman Trophy winner after Manziel posted some questionable pictures on his Instagram account. Unfortunately, for Manziel people have already formed an opinion about him and even public figures are now all-to-eager to share it.

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