‘The Daily Show’ is the latest to pile on the NCAA and its ridiculousness (Video)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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The absurdity of the NCAA and the college athletics system was summed up as only "The Daily Show" can.

And when even "The Daily Show" is piling on, you might have a legitimate image problem, NCAA.

The hilarious, sarcastic look at the NCAA includes interviews with Minnesota wrestler Joel Bauman, who had his eligibility taken away because of a rap song he made, and Ed O'Bannon, who is suing the NCAA for profiting off his and other athletes' likenesses in video games and DVDs.

The clip, titled "The NCAA's Perfectly Fair Rules," ends with "Daily Show' correspondent Aasif Mandvi talking to a phone, because the NCAA wouldn't grant an on-camera interview. No wonder. The NCAA would not want to be stuck in front of a camera trying to defend its ridiculous methods to "The Daily Show." The segment would have been even worse for the NCAA than it already was.

"The Daily Show" pokes fun at the NCAA selling anything and everything to make a buck (Notre Dame duct tape! Michigan flip flops! North Carolina gnome!), while not allowing Bauman to use his own name in a rap song that hasn't turned a profit and has nothing to do with his wrestling.

"What made you think you could use your own name?" Mandvi asks Bauman in mock anger.

The clip mocks the NCAA and its $6 billion in total revenue ("It's not that many billions") while not letting the athletes make anything. A poignant moment within the many jokes came when Bauman talked about how he was out for three months because of a concussion.

"But the school will cover the expenses should these concussions lead to any medical expenses after you graduate, right?" Mandvi asked.

"No, the school won't do that, because I won't be an athlete for them anymore," Bauman said.

You want to defend that? Go ahead. Make sure you use your Pitt logo pencils the NCAA sold you when you write out the response.

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