D-III Wheaton (Ill.) College’s grizzled coaches model new uniforms (Video)

We’ve tried hard to find a uniform reveal video that tops Ohio’s elation at the news of black uniforms to no avail. But this one comes close.

Wheaton College (Ill.), a D-III program, became one of the first D-III programs to have Nike Pro Combat uniforms and the players go absolutely nuts over them. Seriously, there’s a dude hoisting his crutch into the air at the sight of these orange and blue beauties.

The topper for me is the coaches modeling the uniforms when the lights come up following the video. The sight of grizzled, long-haired coaches sporting these new, youthful uniforms was definitely worth a laugh.

Unfortunately, no players rolled around on the floor clutching the uniform crying. No, Ohio, you still own that honor.

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H/T Football Scoop

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