D-II running back Martee Tenner does a front flip over a defender in a game (Video)

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Division II Lincoln (Mo.) running back Martee Tenner has a unique way of getting past defenders – he flips over them.

Tenner, a senior, accomplished the feat in a 51-28 win against Southwest Baptist during senior day on Saturday, and it was absolutely amazing. Not only did Tenner do a front flip over a waiting defensive back, he was able to land on his feet and run another 12 yards before being tackled.

We knew this might happen this season.

Earlier this year, a video surfaced of the 5-foot-7 Tenner doing a flip over a teammate in a scrimmage. But to do it in a game is both gutsy and awesome. Even the Southwest Baptist defense was in awe because most stopped and watched the flip before realizing they still had to tackle Tenner.

The best part of the video might be receiver Devoyius Mark (No. 18) cheering his teammate on as he flips and then fist-pumping to the sideline. Makes me think this is something the team had planned and was really excited Tenner pulled off. Since Tenner is a senior and this was Lincoln's final game of the season, this was his last opportunity to pull off the flip in a game and he definitely made it count.

We’ve seen a lot of amazing and athletic plays this season, but it’s going to be tough to match doing a front flip while running at full speed and then landing and continuing the run. That’s simply unbelievable and something we might not see again.

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