D-II University of Findlay introduces a interesting, but not so practical, helmet design

Who says fancy uniforms and helmets are only for FBS teams?

University of Findlay, a Division II school, is trying to become a trendsetter by being the first college football team in the country to add names to the back of their helmets.

While it sounds like an interesting idea, the Oilers might run into a couple problems when it's time to add some of the team’s longer last names. See, instead of putting the name across the bottom of the helmet, which would provide ample room for even the longest names, the school decided to have the name go up the helmet stripe.

That’s all well and good for “Ford” the name the team uses in the video, but what about Jones-Quarty, Kreichman, Palmore-Lett or Van Arsdale? Those might pose a bit of a problem.

Still, the entire helmet looks good and there are fancy uniforms to come. In case you were wondering, Findlay finished 7-3 in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

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H/T Football Scoop

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