You could get into Cam Newton’s game-worn pants

Have you ever wanted to get into Cam Newton's pants? Well, Auburn is giving fans that chance.

The school is auctioning off Newton's game-worn football pants from the 2011 BCS National Championship game. The auction ends May 18 at 2 p.m. ET.

As of Tuesday morning, the going rate for Newton's pants was $590, but according to the auction site, the pants won't sell for that because they have not met the school's unknown reserve price (somewhere between $100,000 and $180,000, perhaps?)

Here is the official description of the item:

This pair of authentic Auburn football pants was worn by Heisman Trophy winner and 2011 NFL #1 Overall Draft Pick Cam Newton in the BCS National Championship game on January 10, 2011 in Glendale, AZ. The inside waistband of the pants is marked with Newton's locker number (102) and the outside of the pants still retain grass stains from the game. This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Auburn Athletics Department.

How much would you pay for a pair of stinky, faded, possibly crusty, grass-stained football pants? Well, that's between you and your football god. But Auburn is here to make a profit off its former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback and make all of your Cam Newton dreams come true.

Graham Watson is a regular contributor to Dr. Saturday. Follow her on Twitter: @Yahoo_Graham

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