VOD: Colorado State’s kicker is a picture of decleating perfection

Who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned decleating, huh?

Well, send your thank yous to Utah State linebacker Jake Doughty, who hit Colorado State kicker Jared Roberts so hard that it prompted the announcer to say, "And the kicker just got rocked!"

Roberts was attempting to follow an onside kick the requisite 10 yards when Doughty decided to blow him up (watch how high Roberts' legs fly). Unfortunately — and somewhat controversially — officials threw a flag on the play for unnecessary roughness.

OK, this is definitely debatable. You could make the claim that it was a blow to the head, but Roberts was running down the field, during the course of play, with his head down. He's just asking to get hit. I realize the ball didn't go 10 yards yet, but still son, pick up your head.

It seems like the hit was just so violent that issues felt like they had to make a call.

I'll open this one up for interpretation. Legal or no?

H/T to Kegs N' Eggs blog

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