Collegiate-themed roses for the sports fan in your life this Valentine’s Day

Dr. Saturday

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, it's easy to stress about what to get that certain sports fan in your life. Well, you can never go wrong with roses, especially if the roses are in the colors of their favorite collegiate team.

That's right, FTD has genetically altered (OK, just dyed) roses to match the colors of some of the nation's most popular college teams. Currently, FTD is only offering 14 schools — Wisconsin, Oregon, LSU, Alabama, Stanford, Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida, Penn State, Arkansas, Miami and Tennessee — but since many teams have similar colors it would be easy to swap them out of the team logo vase and into a regular vase to fit your needs. The Florida flowers could easily be Boise State flowers and the Miami flowers would work for Florida A&M.

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And if you really want your school represented, you can always go to FTD's Facebook page and request it.

And these flowers aren't just good for Valentine's Day, they also work for rivalries, sympathies, whatever. Nothing says "I'm sorry my team only let you get past midfield once in the national championship game" like some LSU flowers. Or "I'm sorry your team lost to Kentucky at the end of the season to ruin any chance of a bowl game and put your coach on the hot seat" like some Tennessee flowers. And, of course, the sympathetic Missouri fan could always send some "Sorry you didn't get the nation's top recruit, better luck next time" Arkansas flowers.

But collegiate floral art doesn't come cheap. A dozen roses from the collegiate collection, complete with vase, will set you back $89.99. If you're feeling really sweet, two dozen roses could run you upwards of $129.99.

But really, how can you put a price tag on fan devotion?

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