College Station furniture store owes customers more than $1 million after A&M's upset of South Carolina

It’s a good thing the Ashley Furniture is located in College Station, Texas, because they’re going to owe Texas A&M fans more than $1 million.

The store put out a promotion earlier this month saying it would cover the costs of furniture purchased between Aug. 16 through Aug. 27 if Texas A&M defeated South Carolina by at least 10 points.

The Aggies were a 10-point underdog, but ended up winning 52-28 (24 points for the math challenged).

Store owner Mark Wilks told ESPN that 600 people purchased furniture during the promotional period which totaled more than $1 million. One fan bought $20,000 worth of furniture — now that’s confidence.

The store did take out insurance for the promotion, so all of its debts are covered, the store will just have to pay the insurance 15 percent of what it will reimburse.

"We're going to have a big check writing party at the store," Wilks told

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