College football playoff won’t have a sponsor, but what should it be called?

Sit down before you go any further. Really, sit. You won't believe this.

OK. Here's the news: College football is passing up a chance to make a dollar off something.

I know, it's shocking. In an era in which a historic conference in the Midwest tries to convince us Rutgers and Maryland are awesome fits fans would love, and they will aspire to go play in the game's most storied and precious game with a TV company's name painted in enormous letters as the 50-yard line, college football is giving up a chance to make a buck. Or so it says for now. reports that there will not be a title sponsor to college football's new four-team playoff. Mind blown.

"It won't be 'The Vizio Championship Tournament,'" executive director Bill Hancock told "The Final Four doesn't have one. The Masters doesn't. The Super Bowl. That's the kind of event we have."

That sounds great. We'll be shocked if college football's powers don't cash in and add a sponsor at some point. It's a lot of money to pass up. But kudos for keeping it sponsor free for now.

What college football has to do is come up with a catchy name for its marquee event. March Madness, Super Bowl, World Series ... they were all strokes of brilliance that have helped market the events. "College Football Playoff" doesn't make anyone sit up in their chair.

So what should the playoff be named, since it won't be the "For All the Tostitos Playoff" anytime soon? Tell us on Twitter or on Facebook. This thing needs a good name.

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