‘College Football Playoff’ is name of college football’s new postseason; let’s hope games are more exciting than name

Dr. Saturday

"College Football Playoff," huh? That's the best you guys could do?

The much anticipated announcement of the new college football playoff postseason system (and again, at only four teams it's not really a "playoff" as much as it is "College Football Slightly Better Than The Old Way" or "College Football Making Sure The Money Stays With A Few Conferences") was a dud. AP and ESPN reported that the new name is "College Football Playoff." Yawn.

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I guess that's better than coming up with a dumb name that will be mocked until it is changed, but not much.

Surely there will be informal nicknames that emerge, because "College Football Playoff" is not going to roll off the tongue. Neither does "CFP," really. It's almost like the conference commissioners tried to come up with the dullest name they could. They succeeded in that.

The conference commissioners are meeting this week in Pasadena to also determine the rest of the semifinal sites and where the first title game will take place in January 2015. The Rose, Orange and Sugar bowls have been selected as semifinal sites.

There will be a lot of excitement for this new system, after the BCS was panned for years. The three playoff games better be better than the name.

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