The College Football Hall of Fame ballot is absolutely loaded this year

Any list of hall-of-fame candidates is going to be pretty good, obviously, but the National Football Foundation's ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame class of 2013 is especially interesting.

Look at the list of players below and try to come up with a manageable amount for a hall of fame class. There's dozens of players who should be enshrined. It's an incredible ballot.

There's a little something for everyone. The list is a nice trip down memory lane and a reminder of how many great players have passed through college football.

There are Heisman winners like Ron Dayne, Eric Crouch, Danny Wuerffel and Vinny Testaverde.

There are should-have-been Heisman winners like Raghib Ismail and Tommie Frazier (how is Frazier not in the College Football Hall of Fame already?).

There are NFL legends like LaDainian Tomlinson, Eric Dickerson and Derrick Thomas.

There are great players who sadly passed away too soon, like Brandon Burlsworth, Jerome Brown and Thomas.

There are great college players who you probably haven't thought about in years, like Percy Snow, Lorenzo White, D.J. Dozier and Paul Palmer.

There are a couple of oddballs, like Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson, who was a heck of a receiver at Michigan State, and UNLV "punter" Randall Cunningham, who was included that way on the ballot because you have to be recognized as an All-American to make the list, which Cunningham was for his kicking.

You could build a heck of an offensive line with guys like Tony Boselli, Orlando Pace, Jumbo Elliott, Willie Roaf and Aaron Taylor. They could have wars with defenders like Brian Bosworth (anyone under the age of 30 likely has no appreciation for how great Bo Jackson's NFL rag doll was at Oklahoma), Tedy Bruschi and Tom Cousineau. Not to mention Tony Franklin, who might be the best kicker in college football history.

There are so many other great players not even mentioned in the above paragraphs who are no-doubt hall of famers, whether they're voted in this year or not.

Here's the ballot in full. It really is fun to scan it and remember the touchdowns and tackles of the legends of the past. Whoever gets elected in, it'll be an amazingly strong class:


Erick Anderson, Michigan LB

Bob Berry, Oregon QB

Eric Bieniemy, Colorado RB

Tony Boselli, Southern California OL

Brian Bosworth, Oklahoma LB

Jerome Brown, Miami (Fla.) DT

Ted Brown, North Carolina State RB

Bob Breunig, Arizona State LB

Tedy Bruschi, Arizona DE

Brandon Burlsworth, Arkansas OL

Larry Burton, Purdue SE

Dave Butz, Purdue DT

Mark Carrier, Southern California S

Marco Coleman, Georgia Tech LB

Tom Cousineau, Ohio State LB

Bob Crable, Notre Dame LB

Eric Crouch, Nebraska QB

Randall Cunningham, Nevada-Las Vegas P

Ron Dayne, Wisconsin RB

Eric Dickerson, SMU RB

John Didion, Oregon State C

D.J. Dozier, Penn State RB

Jumbo Elliott, Michigan OL

Tony Franklin, Texas A&M K

Tommie Frazier, Nebraska QB

William Fuller, North Carolina DT

Kirk Gibson, Michigan State WR

Charlie Gogolak, Princeton K

Jerry Gray, Texas DB

Al Harris, Arizona State DE

Leotis Harris, Arkansas OL

Randy Hughes, Oklahoma DB

Raghib Ismail, Notre Dame WR

Dick Jauron, Yale RB

Ernie Jennings, Air Force WR

Greg Lewis, Washington RB

Jess Lewis, Oregon State DT

Robert Lytle, Michigan RB

Bobby Majors, Tennessee DB

Buddy McClinton, Auburn DB

Duncan McColl, Stanford DE

Cade McNown, UCLA QB

Paul Naumoff, Tennessee LB

Darrin Nelson, Stanford RB

Ken Norton, Jr., UCLA LB

Tom Nowatzke, Indiana FB

Philip Olsen, Utah State DE

Jim Otis, Ohio State FB

Orlando Pace, Ohio State OL

Paul Palmer, Temple RB

Anthony Poindexter, Virginia DB

Antwaan Randle El, Indiana QB

Ron Rivera, California LB

Willie Roaf, Louisiana Tech OL

Mike Ruth, Boston College NG

Lucius Sanford, Georgia Tech LB

Sterling Sharpe, South Carolina WR

Rod Shoate, Oklahoma LB

Percy Snow, Michigan State LB

Bob Stein, Minnesota DE

Art Still, Kentucky DE

Matt Stinchcomb, Georgia OL

Aaron Taylor, Notre Dame OL

Vinny Testaverde, Miami (Fla.) QB

Derrick Thomas, Alabama LB

Zach Thomas, Texas Tech LB

Andre Tippett, Iowa DE

LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU RB

Don Trull, Baylor QB

Jackie Walker, Tennessee LB

Wesley Walls, Mississippi TE

Lorenzo White, Michigan State RB

Clarence Williams, Washington State RB

Steve Wisniewski, Penn State OL

Scott Woerner, Georgia DB

Danny Wuerffel, Florida QB

Jim Carlen-West Virginia (1966-69), Texas Tech (1970-74), South Carolina (1975-1981)

Wayne Hardin-Navy (1959-64), Temple (1970-82)

Bill McCartney-Colorado (1982-94)

Billy Jack Murphy-Memphis (1958-71)

Darryl Rogers-Cal State-Hayward (1965), Fresno State (1966-72), San Jose State (1973-75), Michigan State (1976-79), Arizona State (1980-84)

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