Clemson video gives a great look at what its unique pregame experience is like

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Most college football teams have great traditions, but Clemson's two pregame routines stand out as among the best in the sport.

If you like Clemson, or are just antsy for the next three-plus months to pass so we have college football games again, the video above should give you more than a few chills (and don't complain South Carolina fans, we've already hooked you up with some Jadeveon Clowney videos this offseason).

The video from Clemson talks about the two main pregame routines at Clemson. First is rubbing Howard's Rock, a rock given to then-Clemson coach Frank Howard by Tigers alum S.C. Jones, who picked it up in Death Valley, Calif. That tradition started in 1967, and is still going strong today. No matter how many times you have seen it in person or on TV, the video's behind-the-scenes footage, player interviews and comments from Dabo Swinney that really give you a great sense of what it's like.

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Then the Tigers players run down "The Hill," the grassy slope that leads down to the field. It's likely that just about everyone reading knows of these famous traditions, but here's another video highlighting running down "The Hill" in case you want to get some goosebumps again:

There are other great entrances in college football (Colorado and Florida State are two that immediately come to mind), but do any of them beat Clemson?

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