Clemson fails to see humor in star recruit’s Facebook prank

NCAA investigators have been visiting a few campuses in the past few months and Clemson is hoping it is not next on the list thanks to a prank by a signee.

Five-star running back Mike Bellamy posted several shots of himself and many -- many --$100 bills as an attempt at humor.

Of course, no one knew it was a joke until questions started to fly about Bellamy and his Benjamins. At that point, Clemson officials became aware of the situation and asked Bellamy to take the pictures down. A Clemson official told The Post and Courier that the photos were meant to be a joke.

Of course no one knows whether the money was real or whether Bellamy's photos were computer enhanced, but the overriding opinion is that it was a harmless prank by an 18-year-old kid -- a prank that will probably have him running stadium steps until he vomits.

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