Clemson coach shows off NLI while the cast of Twilight looks on (PHOTO)

Meet Clemson running backs coach Tony Elliott, who waited by the fax machine until the NLI of defensive back Mackensie Alexander came buzzing through the machine.

Unfortunately, none of that is what makes this picture interesting. Because while you were looking at coach Elliott’s smiling face we were looking at the absurd amount of Twilight memorabilia cluttering the office. And it’s not just the posters on the right, look at the desk, there are photos, trading cards and other random paraphernalia for Jacob, Bella and Edward (hey, I saw the first one).

Sadly, this doesn’t look like it’s Elliott’s desk. It looks like it belongs to a female. But it’s more fun to think it belongs to Elliott and that he’s the most raging Twilight fan on the face of the planet.

So we’ll go with that.

In either case, it’s hard to believe recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott didn’t think it would be hilarious to have a picture of Elliott surrounded by every 16-year-old girl’s favorite vampires.

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