Cincy returns a 90-yard interception only to lose it in the end zone (Video)

If you missed Saturday’s game between winless Connecticut and Cincinnati early this morning, then you missed one of the most unlucky plays of the day.

Late in the third quarter, Cincinnati freshman cornerback Aaron Brown (who is originally misidentified by announcers) picked quarterback Tim Boyle at the 5-yard-line and ran in all the way back toward the Cincinnati end zone.

But that’s when things went wrong.

Brown was just yards away from scoring the touchdown when receiver Deshon Foxx popped the ball out of Brown's hands and into the end zone. It eluded a couple Cincy players before it rolled out of the back of the end zone.

So, after all of that, it was a touchback and Connecticut got the ball back.

Sad trombone.

This could have been the shining moment of Brown's short college football career, but it was not to be. Bet the end of the play was in slow motion for for him. He saw the end zone, thought it was a touchdown and then saw the ball being popped out of his arms and rolling and rolling and rolling out of the end zone.

At the end of the play, you can see Brown pulling off his helmet straps in frustration. Teammates are exasperated and one is even laughing at the absurdity of the play.

Of course, this was the only thing that went UConn’s way in the game. They lost 41-16 for their sixth consecutive defeat this season.

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