Charlie Strong isn’t pleased with the report he interviewed at Auburn

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After perhaps the biggest win of his head-coaching career, a come-from-behind victory at Rutgers that secured a BCS berth for Louisville, Charlie Strong was asked about a report that he interviewed with Auburn earlier this week.

Strong reacted with some passion, getting upset at the report from and denying it was true.

He tried to quickly move past the question about the report, although the inquiry was justified. If Strong did talk to Auburn, that's huge news for Louisville and Auburn. He said, "Let's don't worry about jobs right now, let's worry about the game," according to

Then, Strong wanted to talk about it, to set the record straight.

"It was a distraction for our program. It was a distraction for our fans," Strong said, according to "It was testing me. I am trying to get a football team ready to go play, and I am chasing another job so I am not taking care of the job I have? Then I don't have the respect of the players. When they respect me and they do everything I ask them to do, and then all of a sudden I am going to turn my back on them and go interview for a job two days before a big game? Come on, seriously?

"Anytime a reporter can make a statement or write any type of information about someone, you have to be held accountable, just like we are held accountable for our job. So if you are going to make that statement, go get your source. I'd like to know who your source is. I am trying to get a football team ready to go play Rutgers. That's all I'm concerned about. I have a job. I don't need to go chase jobs. I have a really good job."

That's a pretty strong statement (no pun intended). Most coaches don't like saying much one way or the other on coaching rumors, because they don't wish to paint themselves into a corner. Making a bold statement denying you've interviewed for a job and accusing a reporter of having no accountability, when in fact you have interviewed for a job, can get someone painted as a Bobby Petrino-level serial liar.

So we'll take Strong's word for it. He seems comfortable and happy at Louisville, and didn't mind telling everyone how he felt about it.

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