Chad Kelly has fightin’ words for Clemson’s other backup QB


Quarterback recruit Chad Kelly wants to make sure everyone knows - especially backup quarterback Cole Stoudt - that he's not coming to Clemson this fall to sit on the bench.

Kelly, a four-star dual-threat from St. Joseph's in Buffalo, N.Y., and nephew of Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, has been committed to Clemson since last June and is visiting campus this weekend. In preparation for his visit and likely run-in with Stoudt, Kelly tweeted Wednesday, "Your on the bench for a reason. And i come soon! Just letting you know."


While the taunt was explicitly directed at Stoudt, Stoudt decided to respond anyway, "I hate those that talk like their the [expletive] when they haven't done anything yet."

Aside from both players needing rudimentary grammar lessons, I can't imagine this is a good way for Kelly to make friends at a new school. But this isn't the first time Kelly has challenged Stoudt, who completed 12 of 21 passes for 115 yards in backup time behind incumbent starter Tajh Boyd last season. In an interview with earlier this month, Kelly said he should be the one to push Boyd come fall camp in August.

"I know [offensive coordinator Chad] Morris likes me because I'm really their only dual-threat guy, so I can come in for certain packages to run since that's the best thing I do, really," Kelly said. "Plus Cole doesn't have that oomph right now and Tajh needs that every day ... for someone to push him and keep him working so he gets better."

Big words for an incoming freshman. But what can you expect from a kid who is the top player in New York after completing 201 of 330 passes for 3,050 yards, 27 touchdowns and 10 interceptions? As a junior, he was the first player in New York to rush for 1,000 yards and throw for 2,000 yards. He was an Under Armour All-American, the No. 4 dual-threat quarterback nationally according to Rivals, the No. 150 overall prospect, and he has his own rap song.

No, really: He has his own rap song called "Chad Kelly" by G5-Gi (featuring Deezy).

So it shouldn't be all that big of a surprise that Kelly is coming into Clemson with a bit of a big head.

"I'm coming to Clemson to Play my Freshman year I ain't going just to sit on the bench," Kelly continued on Twitter after his initial taunt to Stoudt. "Everyday im coming to work and be the best!"

While Kelly has let his intentions for Stoudt known — though Tony McNeal and Morgan Roberts are also on the depth chart — he hasn't brought any of this noise to Boyd's Twitter doorstep. At least he's smart enough not to challenge the top dog.

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