Carl Pelini denies drug use, wants his job at Florida Atlantic back

The story of Carl Pelini's departure from Florida Atlantic has gotten weirder.

The former coach who resigned amidst reports of his drug use is saying that he didn't use drugs and that he wants his old position back. Pelini claims that he was forced to resign by FAU officials in a statement he sent to ESPN.

From ESPN:

In the statement, Pelini said he denied using illegal drugs to FAU athletic director Patrick Chun on Oct. 30, but was told by Chun that it was "irrelevant" because he was "being relieved" of his duties "for failure to supervise my staff."

Pelini indicated Chun told him at least one staff member admitted using drugs in the coach's presence, but Pelini denied knowledge that "any staff member was using illegal drugs."

Florida Atlantic revealed affidavits that were signed by two people, including an assistant coach, saying that they witnessed Pelini using marijuana. At the time of Pelini's resignation, FAU athletic director John Chun said that when presented with the athletic department's evidence of drug use, Pelini and defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis immediately and voluntarily resigned. Chun also said that drug use was prohibited in Pelini's contract.

Included in the publication of the emails were emails from Pelini and Rekstis offering their resignations. In a written statement read at the press conference announcing Pelini's resignation, he apologized for using poor judgment.

Chun told ESPN that he stands by his statements and that the university has "ample evidence." Pelini is also claiming that he wasn't presented with 30 day notice or written notice.

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