Cam Newton is serenaded on Valentine’s Day, but has yet to call the girl (VIDEO)

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Here’s one we missed from last week…

Quarterback Cam Newton is back on the Auburn campus this semester trying to get his degree and embrace the college experience. One of those experiences apparently includes getting asked out on a date in grandiose fashion.

On Valentine’s Day, the Wesley Foundation singers, a campus group that raises money for mission trips by singing valentine’s greetings to unsuspecting students in class, sang “My Guy” to Newton courtesy of Auburn sorority girl Rachel Gilmore. The serenade, which was chronicled by several camera phones, included a rose and a message that read “PHI MU CARNATION BALL?” Then Gilmore left her phone number and a special closing.

“That’s the embarrassing part, I did leave my number on it, and then I put ‘Call Me, XOXO, Rach’—I told him my nickname!” Gilmore told the War Eagle Reader.

Word quickly spread and Gilmore’s stunt became an Internet sensation. The Carnation Ball only happens once every four years, so the invitation was kind of a big deal.

Unfortunately, the only person who didn’t acknowledge Gilmore’s efforts was Newton.

“I mean, at first it was a joke, but if he did it, if he came, it’d be cool,” Gilmore said. “I wasn’t expecting this at all, but obviously I’d freak out.

“He hasn’t called yet, but it (the Carnation Ball) isn’t until April. So he still has time.”

C’mon Cam, after all this effort, the least you could do is call.

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