Cam Newton comes back to Auburn to take classes this semester toward his degree

Dr. Saturday

Cam Newton has done pretty well for himself despite not having a college degree from Auburn.

He signed a contract worth a little more than $22 million over four years with the Carolina Panthers. He makes a ton of money in his endorsement deals, which include Under Armour and Gatorade. He had a great rookie season, came on very strong in the final two months of his second season in 2012, and will break the bank on his second contract.

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In short, he doesn't need a degree. Which makes his return to school an interesting story.

Newton, the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner who has a statue outside Auburn's stadium, is back on the Auburn campus this semester taking classes. said Newton declined interview requests about his return to school. It has to be strange for undergrads to walk into a lecture and see a NFL superstar next to them taking notes.

"He wants to focus on school and be a normal student," said associate athletic director for communication Kirk Sampson told

There's no way Newton will be a "normal student" on that campus, considering his NFL fame and his instant legend status at Auburn for bringing a national championship, but that's what makes it interesting. Newton never needs to take another class in his life, but he's back on campus getting ready to write papers and take exams. That's commendable.

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